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WCM7 Products

WCM7 Products

WCM7.com is the site for our cloud based products. The personal cloud service is an extension of cloud computing in the personal realm, based on the Internet as the center of personal information processing. It’s a organization, storage, distribution and reprocessing of all personal information via the Internet. Personal information is stored on the server, calculated by the application running there, then services provide it through the network interface to the terminal, and from terminal access to personal cloud services through client software such as a browser. Personal cloud service is in ascendance, the industry believes that it will replace the traditional operating system to achieve a new revolution in personal computing.


WCM7 Cloud Space is a Cloud services platform designed for individuals and group users, which can provide users to upload, download, share and synchronize files with PC, laptop, mobile devices such as smartphones and/or tablet computers. It also provides instant messaging, mail boxes, contact uploads and journals between group users. The size of the WCM7 Cloud space can be infinitely expanded. You have UNLIMITED Cloud space and you may upload a max of 3GB at a time.

WCM Cloud Music


If you’re a Pandora listener you already know what this is about. Unlike traditional music player software, WCM7 Cloud Music Station is an algorithm recommended cloud-based music player product, users won’t need to set the playlist, just turn on virtual radio and listen to music. It provides users with highly personalized content. Everyone’s play list is based on his/her history of listening behavior and then particularly recommended. You can search any artist of song and you can start playing that particular station.  WCM7 Cloud Music Station currently provides private channels and public channels. Private channels provide personalized songs, mainly based on the user’s personal listening preferences. Public channels provide a large number of elections, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Western, Japanese, Korean, jazz, electronic, R&B, rock&roll, rap, folk, soundtrack, light music, female, animation, etc., to best satisfy the individual needs of the audience.

WCM Cloud Library

wcm777WCM777 Cloud Books Library is an EPUB book reader software integrated with cloud-based book resources. Currently has over one hundred thousand Chinese books available for reading online and/or download.

Kingdom Card

wcm777The Kingdom Card combines many functions in one, such as resource and profit sharing, financial circulation, information communication, value-added consumption and life-long benefits. It satisfies the needs of customers, business and society through a global bonus points system to help merchants to increase customer loyalty and establish a community of interest. The Kingdom Card uses bonus points in a composite way to give bonuses to customers and increase profits for merchants, which eventually will realize a sustainable protection for both customers and merchants. The Kingdom Card applies to all businesses who want to expand their marketing network and increase sales and profits. Having the Kingdom Card you will be able to withdraw your earned commissions in WCM777. Register at 1and300.net and send in your Tax form. If you are in the United States fill out the W9 Form and send it in. If you are out of the United States please fill out the W8 form and send that one in. Once approved you will be able to start requesting the funds you desire.

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